About Us



To us, it’s more than four sticks held together by nails or glue. It’s an opportunity to envelope and enhance a memory, or a piece that inspires you. Our founder began as a craftsman woodworker in Naval shipyards more than 40 years ago, and turned that knowledge into a global company. We aim to keep that spirit in every frame, mirror, and ledge we make. With us, details are never overlooked. We developed a removable easel so you can go easily from tabletop to wall, and we also include a complimentary piece of art with each frame. We work hard to make sure you are happy with your purchase so that each time you have a cherished photo or piece of art to frame, you will think of us first.


Edgewood is an Los Angeles-based design and development team that is founded in a mission to create top-quality frame products at a price that is approachable to all. We believe that quality doesn't have to be sacrificed for price. We work direct with the makers of our products, and pass the savings on to you along with our passion for beautiful products.