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The maximalist’s cup of tea, the Lakewood line embraces big and bold while still maintaining a clean-line aesthetic. With a 3-D effect, this eye-catching frame style will reach out and draw the looker’s eyes into the subject that it envelopes.  Removable mats accommodate photos and art of various sizes. Use the mats for a professional, custom look or remove them to expose the full size of the photo or art.

The thoughtfully assorted Lakewood line offers the smaller, most common sizes [4x6 & 5x7] are offered in quantity. These are suitable for getting those thousands of photos you capture daily on your mobile out of your phone, and on to your wall. 

MDF frame with signature removable easel [sizes 8"x 10" and below] for tabletop or hanging wall use. Can be used vertically or horizontally. Glass window. Ready to hang frame includes complimentary custom art. White mat included.  Great for creating a gallery set or adding to an existing.

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